First Nichibei Lecture in October 2013

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First Nichibei Lecture in October 2013


JASM is pleased to announce that Composer and harpsichordist, Dr. Asako Hirabayashi will talk about her works for harpsichord and demonstrate her abilities on the harpsichord at our first Nichibei Lecture. This presentation will be given in Japanese.


Date:              Friday, October 11, 2013

Time:              4:00 – 5:30 pm

Place:             The Baroque Room

                          275 East 4th Street, Suite 280, St. Paul, MN 55101

                          (West side of the farmer’s market in downtown St. Paul)

                          Phone: 651-705-6772

Parking:         We suggest the farmer’s market parking lot on Kellogg Blvd. ($1 – $3)

Fee:                 $10 for JASM members; $15 for non-members



今まで自分が日本とアメリカで受けてきた教育について、なぜハープシコードを選んだか、なぜ作曲をするのかなどの他、母親そして教師として子供に音楽をやらせることの重要さ、どうやって続けさせるか、いつ楽器を始めたらいいか、絶対音感は存在しないこと, コンピューターで 創られた音が人間の本来もっている音感をだめにする、人間による演奏がコンピューターでは絶対に創り得ない理由などについて講義します。

平林朝子さんの略歴:作曲家、ハープシコード奏者。 ソリストとして、2009 マクナイト・フェローシップをはじめ、数々の賞や助成金を受け、カーネギーホールでのニューヨークデビューリサイタルを含め、国際的に活躍するハープシコード奏者である。作曲家としてはエリエノア国際ハープシコード作曲コンクールをはじめ、数々の第一位受賞。2012年ジェローム現代音楽賞を受賞。現在は「オペラ雪女」の作曲に取り組んでいる。ジュリアード音楽院博士課程修了。

“Introduction to my harpsichord works as performer, composer, teacher and mother.”

This event is a wonderful opportunity to learn from Asako Hirabayashi, an accomplished composer and harpsichordist. She will share personal and professional stories about her musical training in both Japan and US, background on why she chose the harpsichord and information on her music and her style. She will also answer questions on why music education is so important in a child’s overall development as well as insights on what age is appropriate to start playing instruments and how to make children keep practicing. She will talk about her philosophy on why “perfect pitch” does not exist and why computer programs can never replace human intervention in terms of music composition and musical sense.

Asako Hirabayashi has won numerous grants and awards including the 2009-2010 McKnight Fellowship for Performing Musicians, 2012 Artist Initiative grant as a soloist and composer, and first prize at the Alienor International Harpsichord Composition Competition and NHK International Song Writing Competition in Japan. She was also recently awarded the 2012 Jerome Fund for New Music by American Composers Forum for her opera. She has appeared as a featured guest soloist in numerous international festivals and concert series worldwide. She holds a Doctoral degree from the Juilliard School of Music.


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JASM Nichibei Lecture Series Planning Committee – Takuzo Ishida, Ronald Leonhardt and Michael Nilan


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