The Japan America Society of Minnesota provides a wide range of sponsorship opportunities for organizations to build their brand among the Japanese and Japanophile communities in Minnesota.  Sponsorships range from Japan in a Suitcase, a program that seeks to educate grade-schoolers about Japan, to the Mondale Dinner, an annual gala event targeted at business.  Please ask us to recommend an event that will help your organization deepen its relationship with your target audience.

Japan-Minnesota Directory Sponsorship: $3000

This guide to services is used primarily by JASM members, but serves an important niche for the broader community as it brings together Japan-related businesses and services for Minnesota. The convenient online format lends itself to easy use at home or the office. Serving hundreds of people who are actively seeking Japan-related services or who wish to support Japan-friendly businesses, the Japan-Minnesota Directory sponsorship offers a wide base of consumers. Sponsorship of this directory includes logo/banner advertising, which is prominently displayed on each page of the resource guide. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to make a lasting impression on the audience JASM serves. For twelve months, the sponsor of this directory holds the exclusive opportunity to:

  • Build prominent brand awareness and loyalty
  • Reach a broad market with a single marketing vehicle
  • Reach a balanced mix of business professionals and consumers

Tsushin Monthly Newsletter: $3000

For all information that is Japan-related in Minnesota, business people and consumers turn to the Tsushin.  Relating information on upcoming cultural events, networking opportunities and news relating to Japan in Minnesota, the Tsushin is a highly sought-after publication within the JASM community. Sponsorship is open on a 3, 6, and 12 month basis. The Tsushin sponsorship prominently displays your brand in both the online and printed editions. Your benefits include:

  • Reach over 400 JASM members monthly
  • Excellent brand awareness opportunity
  • Excellent brand loyalty building opportunity
  • Timely

Reach to a balanced mix of business professionals and consumers within the Japan-Minnesota market.

Mondale Dinner

The Mondale Dinner is JASM’s premier event of the year. Offering many levels of sponsorship opportunity, the Mondale Dinner is a perfect way to network with others who share a fondness for Japan. With many sponsorship options we offer the opportunity to display your business logo to further build your brand in an intimate and significant format.

Platinum Sponsor:  $5000 (2 spaces available)
・・・20 dinner tickets ($2500 value)
・・・Private reception with Mr. Mondale
・・・Certificate presentation at the dinner
・・・Logo as shown on a rolling screen promoting sponsors for this event
・・・Logo advertising on the event invitation, table signs, and program

Gold Sponsor:  $2500 (5 spaces available)
・・・10 dinner tickets ($1250 value)
・・・Private reception with Mr. Mondale
・・・Non-logo advertising on the event invitation and program

Silver Sponsor:  $500 (10 spaces available)
・・・2 dinner tickets ($250 value)
・・・Private reception with Mr. Mondale
・・・Non-logo advertising on the event program

J-Quiz: $3000 (2 spaces available)

Growing the next generation is an important goal for JASM and its members. Sponsorship of this event positions your business as an investor in the future.A yearly, one-day event, J-Quiz is open to high-school students in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. The competition tests students on their knowledge of Japan and the Japanese language. This is a perfect way to make a lasting impression on parents of the next generation.Your sponsorship includes logo advertising the day of the event as well as advertising on all take-home pieces from the day. The combined reach of participants, educators, parents and extended family encompasses a wide variety of consumers all with affection for Japan.

  • Logo advertising on all printed promotional pieces for J-Quiz.
  • Logo advertising on the home page of the JASM website
  • Special mention of this sponsor in the Tsushin
  • Company logo prominently displayed on J-Quiz banner at the event
  • Company logo placement on the take home promotional literature for J-Quiz. This piece is sent home with each participant

Shinnenkai (New Year Celebration): $3000 sponsorship (2 available)

Offering traditional culture based events is a mission of JASM. The yearly Shinnenkai, held in January, is a perfect way to experience a Japanese tradition.The event, held at the William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, is a widely attended, family-oriented event.Sponsorship of Shinnenkai offers businesses a chance to reach a group of consumers who are interested in Japan or have ties to Japan through family or business.The intimate setting is a perfect way to make a lasting impression on this broad base of consumers.

  • Logo advertising on all printed promotional pieces for Lunar New Year
  • Logo advertising on the home page of the JASM website
  • Special mention of this sponsor in the Tsushin
  • Silent Auction Items $100 value (many donation spots available, all will be recognized in the Tsushin the month following the event)

Harukaze: $3000 (2 available)

Held in late May/early June, Harukaze is a traditional Japanese event based around music. Past venues for Harukaze have included the Dakota in St. Paul.

The relaxed and fun atmosphere surrounding Harukaze draws consumers from the JASM community, as well as the population at large, making this event an excellent way to gain wide exposure.

  • Logo advertising on all event print advertising including flyers & posters

Lantern Lighting Festival: $3000 (1 available)

In conjunction with Como Park and other local Japan-related organizations, the Lantern Lighting Festival boasts the greatest number of attendees of all the JASM events.Held in August at Como Park, the traditional festival is a fun, family-oriented event that draws a large mix of Japanese nationals, people with an interest in Japan, and the general consumer looking for a fun activity to attend in the summer.Your sponsorship of this event through JASM offers a chance to gain excellent exposure to a broad market.

  • Logo advertising on all event print advertising, including flyers & posters
  • Advertising venues – Mpls/St. Paul Magazine and MN Monthly
  • Sponsor logo advertising on the JASM booth at the event

Japan in a Suitcase: $500 (4 available)

Japan in a Suitcase is a primer on Japanese culture and customs. The program consists of two presentations each reaching a different audience.The first is directed at grade-school children to give them a taste of Japan. The second program is for business professionals, and offers a chance to learn Japanese customs for those who are traveling in Japan or working with Japanese is a business setting.Both sponsorships offer a wide reaching base of consumers.

  • A banner is displayed each time the presentation is given proudly thanking the sponsor of this program
  • Each time a school is contacted regarding this program, they are told who the sponsor is
  • All printed materials carry sponsor recognition in logo form
  • Special recognition is given on the web page describing this program

Outreach program for Japanese elderly who are shut-ins: $500 (5 available)
The JASM community offers many programs to give assistance to Japanese elderly living in Minnesota. This is a wonderful sponsorship opportunity for an organization who believes in giving back to the community.The sponsors of this project are given special recognition within the JASM community.

  • All press releases for this program carry a mention of the sponsor
  • Special recognition on the website page regarding this program

Minnesota Bon Odori Project: $500 (2 available)

Bon Odori is a traditional, Japanese folk dance group that performs at festivals and events throughout Minnesota.

Your sponsorship of Bon Odori offers the potential to touch lives and leave a lasting impression on a wide-reaching base of consumers.

  • Logo advertising opportunity on all printed materials for promotion of the Bonodori music and dance cultural ensemble