Japanese Speaking Club

As an extension of the Japan America Society of Minnesota, our members are organizing a time and place for people to be able to get together and practice Japanese language with their peers. There is no charge for these meetings; all that is required is knowledge of the Japanese language! Any level of proficiency is welcome. This group is meant for people to practice the Japanese language in a fun, open, and free environment. We will meet every Saturday around 3:00 pm at the Corner Coffee Upton in Minneapolis. Hope you can stop by!

Place: Corner Coffee 1414 W 28th St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

We now have many participants at the Japanese Speaking Club (お茶飲み会), and we are very active!! We welcome every level of Japanese language skills.  Let’s talk about Japanese culture, society, and your interests! もちろん、日本人の参加もお待ちしています。お気軽にご連絡ください。

The group changes every week, the conversations are different every week, but the atmosphere is always great. The roster really spans the spectrum between beginner and native, and as the focus swings between language and culture everyone is able to participate in the conversations. Every week someone has a new Japanese item to show off, a new favorite Japanese video to share, or a new Japanese study resource to recommend. The club makes for good Japanese practice, but never sacrifices fun in the process.

We also have a facebook group!