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Grassroots Summit Host Family Needed

  • 2023-08-28


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Searching for Host Families 

Application Due: August 28th

Homestay: September 25th - 27th

This year, JASM was invited to be the host of the post Grassroots Summit Homestay Program.  We are very honored to host delegation from Japan.  Now we need your help to host them for 2 nights in September 25th to 27th.

The delegation first visit Columbus, Ohio and spend a week there and after that, they are coming to Minnesota to spend almost two days from September 

Japan - America Grassroots Summit is organized by John Manjiro - Whitfield Commemorative Center for International Exchange (CIE)

The Japan-America Grassroots Summit is an annual gathering of Japanese and American citizens, held alternately in Japan and America. It celebrates the historic friendship between Nakahama Manjiro and Captain William Whitfield. Manjiro was a 14-year-old fisherman when he was marooned off Japan’s coast. Whitfield rescued the young Manjiro, brought him back with him to the United States and shared his own home with him there. Years later, because of his rare command of English and unmatched experience in America, Manjiro played a pivotal role in the newly forming relationship between Japan and the United States.

Every year since 1991, some 100 to 200 people have traveled across the Pacific to take part in the annual Grassroots Summit. Japanese prefectures and American states alternate as host regions for about one week, with locals sharing their homes and the unique features of their communities and guests enjoying sight-seeing, cultural activities, receptions, and homestays with them. Together, guests and hosts make meaningful memories in the spirit of genuine omotenashi -- hospitality and open-hearted friendship.

JASM is searching for 7 or 8 host families for this program. The delegation from Japan's age is range from 69 to 79 and two males and 6 females.  Most of them have traveled to America in the past, but this is the first time for everyone to come to Minnesota. 

If you are interested in hosting our guest from Japan, please answer a few questions and we will inform you if you are matched with a delegation member or not. 

For any questions, please contact jasm@mn-japan.org

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